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MCA NIMCET Progressions Previous Year Question Paper and Solution with PDF

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  • Let ‘a’ be the first term and ‘r’ be the common ratio of the G.P.
  • The geometric mean won’t be meaningful if zeros are present in the data.
  • I.e., it is the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocals.
  • Other merits of the harmonic mean are given below.

In order to solve a problem on Harmonic Progression, one should make the corresponding AP series and then solve the problem. is one of the best job search sites in India. A machine is assumed to depreciate by 40% in value in the first year, by 25% in second year and by 10% p.a.

The sum of two numbers is 6 times their geometric mean, show that numbers  are in the ratio

It is difficult to compute as it involves the knowledge of ratios, roots, logs and antilog. It mean we can find out the combined geometric mean of two or more series. As in case of arithmetic mean, the sum of deviations of logarithms of values from the log GM is equal to zero. An expression that states two ratios are equal is called proportion.

geometric mean of 2 and 32 is

It can be used to calculate quantities such as speed. This is because speed is expressed as a ratio of two measuring units such as km/hr. The method to calculate the harmonic mean can be lengthy and complicated.

Practice Questions on Harmonic Mean

There are same cases when adjustments are justified and the first one is similar to the negative numbers case above. If the data is percentage increases, you can transform them into normal percentage values in the way described for negative numbers. Zeros then become 100% or 1 and the calculation proceeds as normal. As you can see, the geometric mean is significantly more robust to outliers / extreme values.

For example, replacing 30 with 100 would yield an arithmetic mean of 25.80, but a geometric mean of just 9.17, which is very desirable in certain situations. However, before settling on using the geometric mean, you should consider if it is the right statistic to use to answer your particular question. If you are dealing with such tasks, a geometric mean calculator like ours should be most helpful. Let ‘a’ be the first term and ‘r’ be the common ratio of the G.P.

Harmonic mean is a type of numerical average that is usually used in situations when the average rate or rate of change needs to be calculated. It is one of the three Pythagorean means. The remaining two are the arithmetic mean and the geometric mean. These three means or averages are very important as they see widespread use in the field of geometry and music. If we are given a data series or a set of observations then the harmonic mean can be defined as the reciprocal of the average of the reciprocal terms. I.e., it is the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocals.

geometric mean of 2 and 32 is

The geometric mean is a mean or average, which indicates the central tendency or typical value of a set of numbers by using the product of their values. A series of terms is known as an HP series when the reciprocals of elements are in arithmetic progression. It is most suitable for averaging ratios and exponential rates of changes. The harmonic mean has a rigid value and does not get affected by fluctuations in the sample however if the sample contains a zero term we cannot calculate it. Also, the formula to determine the harmonic mean can result in complex computations.

Class 10

The geometric mean between two numbers is a number, which, when placed between them, forms with them a geometric progression. The formula to determine harmonic mean is n / [1/x1 + 1/x2 + 1/x3 + … It can also be used to find the average of rates as it assigns equal weight to all data points in a sample. Use this online calculator to easily calculate the Geometric mean for a set of numbers or percentages.

geometric mean of 2 and 32 is

It is also used to calculate the average of ratios as it equalizes all the data points. The harmonic mean is a measure of central tendency. Say we want to determine a single value that can be used the describe the behavior of data around a central value. Then such a value is known as a measure of central tendency.

If 9th term of an AP be zero, prove that 29th term is double of its 19th term. If the 5th term of an a.p is 13 and 17 th term is 49, find an and t13. The AM between two positive real numbers is always greater than or equal to their GM. HM will have the lowest value, geometric mean will have the middle value and arithmetic mean will have the highest value.

What is the Difference between Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean?

An important property of harmonic mean is that without taking a common denominator it can be used to find multiplicative and divisor relationships between fractions. This can be a very helpful tool in industries such as finance. Given below are some other real-life applications geometric mean of 2 and 32 is of harmonic mean. If any term of the given series is 0 then this mean cannot be calculated. All items of the series are required to determine the harmonic mean. It is completely based on observations and is very useful in averaging certain types of rates.

P. with positive terms is 48 and sum of its first two terms is 36. The general or standard form of such a series is a,a+dr,a+2dr2 and so on i.e. 1+46+762+1063+… If the nthterm of an AP is 4n-1,find the 30thterm and the sum of first 30 terms.

Arithmetic mean is used when the data values have the same units. Both types of means fall under the category of Pythagorean means. The table for the difference between harmonic mean vs arithmetic mean is given below. Scholr is India’s Largest Knowledge Sharing Platform. If A and G are the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of two numbers then that the numbers are A+VA2 -G2 and A VA2 G2 pro ve NCERT) … Let five geometric means are inserted between $ \dfrac $ and \[\dfrac\] then find the sum of all the geometric means.

Due to its qualities in correctly reflecting investment growth rates the geometric mean is used in the calculation of key financial indicators such as CAGR. In other cases, zeros mean non-responses and in some cases they can just be deleted before calculation. Due to these complications, our software would not automatically adjust zeros in any way. You might need to look for another calculator if such an adjustment is desirable. The sum of three positive numbers constituting arithmetic progressioni no 4, to those numbers respectively.

Harmonic mean is not the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean. It is the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocal terms in a given set of observations. Then we divide the total number of terms in the data set by this value.

We get a geometric progression, then the numbers are- … A sum of money was invested for 4 years. The respective rates of interest per annum were 4%, 5%, 6% and 8%. Determine the average rate of interest p.a. The arithmetic mean between two numbers is a number, which, when placed between them, forms with them an arithmetic progression.

The geometric mean is used when the data set values have differing units. The harmonic mean is a type of Pythagorean mean. To find it, we divide the number of terms in a data series by the sum of all the reciprocal terms. It will always be the lowest as compared to the geometric and arithmetic mean.

When we have a data set, the geometric mean can be determined by taking the nth root of the product of all the n terms. To find the harmonic mean we divide n by the sum of the reciprocals of the terms. The HM will always have a lower value than the geometric mean. The products of the harmonic mean and the arithmetic mean will always be equal to the square of the geometric mean of the given data set.

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